The Review of UnContemporary Fiction is centered around the idea that we, as readers, are often under pressure to keep up with the times. Whether it is to review the new hot seller, critique current literary trends, or give publicity to our favorite contemporary writers. While we see the importance of all of these things, we also want to create a space for the often neglected and not talked about aspect to reading books: we, writers mostly, are often reading books not of our time. A lot of what we read is catching up to some books or authors we may have missed, rereading some of our old favorites, finding obscure writers whom history has been unkind to, using our own personal affinities to these texts as lifelines into our own creative work; after all, no one wants to write like their own contemporaries. 

What we’re about is simple: holding up a modern lens to outdated books. 

​William Gass once wrote, of an anthology of young writers fiction, “It is like walking through a cemetery before they’ve put up any graves.” Well, here at The Review of UnContemporary Fiction, we strive to erect tombstones, obelisks, and monuments in honor of those who came before us, and take the right to inscribe our own updated epitaphs.

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