What we’re looking for:

We strive to publish the very best in critical essays and book reviews. Our only kick: All references and book reviews must be in regards to books published no later than 2010. This also applies to film, art, music, etc.

General Guidelines

Critical Essays

We want well crafted, sharp, enlightening critical essays on literature, art, film, music, etc. Philosophical angles are a bonus. Submit one piece of no more than 4,000 words or three pieces of no more than 750 words each in a single document.

Book Reviews

We want well crafted, sharp, enlightening book reviews on Fiction and Poetry only. Philosophical angles are a bonus. Criticism, reconsidering texts, and grievances welcomed. Submit one piece of no more than 3,000 words or three pieces of no more than 1000 words each in a single document.

Please send your submission as an attachment (.doc[x] or .pdf) along with a short personal bio to uncontemporaryreview@gmail.com. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just please give us a heads up as soon as possible if your piece is accepted elsewhere. We also ask that you submit only one piece for consideration at a time and that you wait at least 3 months after hearing from us before submitting again.

& Another Thing

We strive to be a part of a literary community that is taking action against systemic racism. One way we can do this, while doing what we do, is to offer an open platform to discuss, in thought-provoking criticism, new ways of looking at those who came before us. We can, with open minds and hearts, study, analyze, and learn from the past instead of turning away from it. We are serious about representing the literary scene and supporting diverse and underrepresented voices. We want to hear from women, people of color, queer and trans writers, and every community who pushes up against the oppressive status quo.