Extreme Selves by Patrick Preziosi   Both William Gaddis and George Cukor were enamored, obsessed, even, with the protean capabilities of the human voice: the author and filmmaker, respectively, find their otherwise disparate art forms united by their gleeful trips down slipstreams of dialogue. Such predilections, however, have also beenContinue Reading

But in the midst of multiple concussive shocks to the living, there’s a new light switch on my wall, and, the day after I finished this three-and-a-half-hour film by Jean Eustache I woke early and began to wonder how I would write about it, since it lacked  for me more than it carried.Continue Reading

Has any significant American writer of the post-45 era received as many negative assessments as Paul Auster? Each novel, beginning with 1985’s City of Glass and stretching forward to 4321, in 2017, has engendered harsh criticism.Continue Reading

No Apology or Cuteness: On Gil Orlovitz     To even the most well-informed readers of fiction and poetry who reached their age of literary maturity after, say, 1970, Gil Orlovitz is no doubt a mostly obscure, if not totally unknown figure. Orlovitz died in 1973—although he had achieved sufficientContinue Reading